Plug & Study is an entrepreneurial company with limited liability as a portfolio company of the P&R Ventures Ltd. and has been founded in 2009. As Plug & Study has been on the market for over a year now, we are constantly replenishing our portfolio of centrally situated flats in Cologne. Those are then made available to international students and trainees, equipped with furniture if requested.

We see our mission particularly in finding living space for international students, who have trouble finding a suitable flat due to language or cultural barriers as well as overcrowded halls of residence. Moreover we look after our international students for the whole duration of their stay.

It is the objective of Plug & Study to create an international network of furnished living space for the constantly increasing number of students who have a semester abroad as an integrated part of their studies. We enable our subtenants to have a smooth move between several places of residence during their studies, internship, etc.

After our business model has successfully entered the market in Cologne, we are already planning the expansion into other university towns across Germany as well as expansion into Spain and China.

Contact for property owners:
Philipp Maximilian Scharpenack
Phone: +49 221 677 880-60
Mobile: +49 176 63750014

Contact for students:
Eva Velasco PĂ©rez
Phone: +49 221 677 880-60
Mobile: +49 176 62664997